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The Ship : TRV Stardust

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1 The Ship : TRV Stardust on Sat Jul 30, 2016 5:13 pm


TRV Stardust

The name can be found all over the inside of the ship. The TRV Stardust was a technological relief vessel sent out from the Noravin Spacestation bound for a defunct communications relay station on the edge of an asteroid belt. The ship can have a maximum crew of fifty persons, including operational flight crew, security, technological analysts, medical workers and any other profession that the Noravin hierarchy decides would be beneficial on the Stardust's mission.

The Stardust was equipped with enough to repair the communications relay if possible but the mission briefing outlined what the crew of the Stardust was to do with the relay station if repairs were not possible. Dismantle all salvageable tech and then abandon the facility.

Travel Capacity
    Intrasystem Travel via FTL Drive (1 billion miles per week)
    Intersystem Travel via Co-operative Jump @ CJ Stations

Cargo Capacity
    Main Storage @ 25 metric tons
   Secondary Storage @ 5 metric tons

Crew Capacity
    Maximum Occupancy @ 50 persons
    Operational Crew @ at least 4 persons

Approximate Size
   115 meters in length
   45 meters in width

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