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Creating your Character: Sample Backgrounds

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1 Creating your Character: Sample Backgrounds on Thu Aug 11, 2016 4:51 pm


Acceptable Background

Dr. James D Mahoney was sent with the TRV Stardust due to his extreme talent and knowledge in the area of space-born illness. He spent the last five years working on a vessel similar to the Stardust, on that vessel he was in charge of verifying that any defunct or damaged relay post or colony was free of contamination risks. During his last outing, there was a collision with another Starship and most of the crew died. It took months of hounding from the Novarin Heirarchy before Dr. Mahoney was willing to set foot on another Starship. He is uneasy in space and readily accepted the captain's advice that all non-integral personal should lock themselves in for bio-stasis.


Dr. James D Mahoney studies space sicknesses. He was on a ship. It crashed. Now he doesn't like space.

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